Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Email Writing Tips

Here I am focusing on tips for writing professional emails. Writing efficient and effective email is always useful in terms of productivity and responsiveness. You should keep the following points in mind while writing emails.

1. The subject line should be meaningful because the recipient gets an idea about the email from the subject line. That means subject line should convey the message clearly to the recipient. Also the recipient might be receiving lot of emails and decides after seeing the subject line whether to reply, forward, delete the email. Never leave the subject line blank.

2. Use an appropriate greeting in the email. Address the email to only one person. If you want to include more people then you can use cc or bcc in the email.

3. The body of the email should not be very long. The email should be short with easy to understand sentences.

4. Before sending the email always do the spell check to avoid any kind of mistakes in the email.

5. Font and formatting also matters while writing email. Font used should be easy to understand.

6. Emails should be personalized as it creates more impact on the recipient.

7. The closing lines of the email should make it clear whether a reply is necessary or not.

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