Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to search email address?

I am sure you will agree that searching email addresses for the database you have generated for marketing purpose is sometimes difficult. There are some easy techniques which I am listing down below point wise to help you save your time.

1. Search email address by person name - This is the first technique where you can search email address when you just know the person's name. The format is as shown below:

Person Name email address

For example: If you are searching for email address of John Caro. Then in this case the format should be:
John Caro email address

2. Search email address by company name - In this particular situation you just know the company name. Now you need the top contacts of the company whom you would like to send the marketing emails. You can search the top contact names on the Imprint page of the company website. If you get the person name from the website then you can find the email address by the first technique as shown above.

But all companies don't have the Imprint page on their websites. Here you will have to search the person name first and then email address later on. The format for searching the top contacts should be:

Company Name + CEO
Company Name + Director
And so on..

The important thing to notice here is that you have to leave one blank space before ‘+’ sign and after ‘+’ sign.

I hope this helps, please leave comments if you have any questions or thoughts on this.

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