Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sales Skills

In this article I am focusing on skills required for successful sales or in other words closing a sales deal. Before getting in touch with the prospect you should have prerequisite knowledge.You should have technical, product, customer, competitors and market knowledge.You can visit the customer's website for more information about the customer.

Selling requires good communication and listening skills. Each and every person in the sales team should speak a common selling language. When you contact the prospect first time try to find out the decision maker for that particular product or domain. Once you have identified the decision maker you can reach the person directly. Selling is a step by step process in which first you will have to identify the needs and problems of the prospect. Once you have understood their problems try to convince the prospect about the benefits of the product and how your product can help them to overcome the problems they are facing.

While giving the presentation include the similar kind of case studies. In simple words tell the prospect how your customers have been benefited using the same product. This helps in building the confidence of the prospect as you all know "Seeing is believing".

During the presentation demonstrate about the ROI (Return On Investment) and the ROI time period. Also ask quality questions to fully determine their situation and buying needs. Try to find out when they are planning to buy because some people show interest just to know the pricing. Customer testimonials can be used to support the price objection. Send the proposal to only well qualified prospects where there is high chance of closing the deal.

To initiate further discussion tell the prospect about the action plan or ask the prospect how would they like to take the discussion forward.


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